RM-D613 Remote Control Replacement Controller For SamsungLED/TV/DVD


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RM-D613 Remote Control Replacement Controller For Samsung LED/LCD TV/DVD/VCR

Description :

This universal remote control for Samsung LED/LCD TV is the lastest product, easy to operate and use, can directly  replace the orginal remote control which you lost or damaged, it will work as well as the orginals.

Specification :

1. Color :  black
2. Power requirement: DC 3V
3. Size : approx. 23 x 4.7 x 2cm(L x W x H)
4. Operable distance : More than 8 metres
5. Battery type : two size AAA batteries(Not Included)
6. Easy to operate and use, can be used directly without setup.
7. deal choice when your orginal remote control was lost or damaged.
8. A universal remote control for TV sets. It can meet the needs of different types of Samsung LED/LCD TV

List some suitable types of Samsung LCD/LED TV according to relevent materials, for your guidance :

AA59-00316B AA59-00325 AA59-00326 AA59-00327 BN59-00529A 00163CB
AA59-00382B AA59-00385A AA59-00403E AA59-00424A BN59-00531A 00104C
AA59-00508A           AA59-00421A BN59-00366 BN59-00399A BN59-00530A   00135A
BN59-00457A       BN59-00464  BN59-00477A BN59-00489 BN59-00590A  00191A
BN59-00517A BN59-00596A  BN59-00602A BN59-00613A  BN59-00676A  00131B
BN59-00567A      BN59-00681A BN59-00701A  BN59-00702A  BN59-00705A 00199C
BN59-00611A      BN59-00862A  BN59-00863A  BN59-00864A BN59-00938A  10099C
BN59-00687A      BN59-00940A  BN59-01014A  BN59-01018A  BN59-01039A  00104P/N/H
BN59-00859A      BN59-00943A MD59-00350A  MD59-00242A BN59-000624A 00104K/M
BN59-00937A      BN59-00604A  BN59-00559A BN59-00610A BN59-00686A 00104B
BN59-01040A BN59-00847A BN59-00901A BN59-00609A BN59-00685A/B 00104
ABN59-00960A  00104D/F/J 00128C/D/P BN59-00412 BN59-00683A 00116A
BN59-00603A          00121A/B 00198D/F/G N59-01012A BN59-00865A 10095T/X
BN500434A/C BP59-00084 BN59-00555A BN59-00684A/B BN59-00752A 00124A
BN59-00516A           BN59-00886A BN59-01005A BN59-01069A BN59-00507A BN59-00683A
BN59-00557A AA59-00357 AA59-00401B/C AA59-00484A AA59-00483A BN59-00706A
BN59-00429A AA59-00465A AA59-00466A AA59-00370A/B AA59-00397A/B BN59-00539A
BN59-00512A           BN59-00857A BN59-00888A BN59-01078A BN59-01015A BN59-01052A

Package Included :

1 x universal remote control

Detail Pictures :

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