H-1880E Universal Remote Control Controller For LED/LCD TV


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H-1880E Universal Remote Control Controller For  LED/LCD TV

Description :




white + green




about 190 x 48 x 26 mm

Remote distance

about 8 m

Power supply

2 x 1.5v AA battery (not included)

Mode supported


Compatible brand

Panasonic, Haier, Hisense, Konka, TCL, SONY, LG, Samsung (with LCD TV, LED TV, HDTV type)

Please refer to the user manual for the specific operation and models.

Function :

How to Install the Batteries

1.Open the battery cover,put in two new AA alkaline batteries(not included),according to the"+/-"symbol inside the battery pack as shown in the figure TV setup procedures

2.This remote controller has three setting modes that are marked as A,B,C.Please select one mode for operation

A.Brand point to point search appication machine mold

Step 1 : Switch on the TV and let it be in a state of power on

Step 2 : Find the corresponding sign button of your TV brand in the brand sign button table and put the remotecontroller right opposite to TV

Step 3 : Press the set and do not release it,then press the sign button corresponding to your tv brand untillthe working indicator light is power on

Step 4 : Press the"Volume+"and release it.Repeat this untill volume sign appear on the tv screen.Then test whether the function buttons on the remote controller is nomal,such as the power button

Step 5 : When the setup is done,press the set button and finish it.If it do not functin,please continue to press "volume+"or reinstall it when the indicator is on.

B.To search applicable modes by entering manual codes :

Step 1 : Switch on the tv,and from the code list,find a code representing the brand of the tv

Step 2 : Hold the set key untill the indicator illuminates

Step 3 : Enter a 3-digital code in the first group corresponding to the model

Step 4 : The indicator goes out

Step 5 : Detect whether the key on the remote controller can work normally,if not restart te setting from the

C.To search applicable models in a manual steady manner

Step 1 : Switch on the tv,and aim the remote controller at the tv

Step 2 : Hold the set key until the indicator illuminates

Step 3 : Press the "Volume+"key one time,and then release it to see whether a volume symbol appears on the TV screen,if no such symbol occurs,repeat the procedure

Step 4:Upon appearance of the volume symbol,press the"SET"key immediately,and then the indicator goes out

Step 5:Test whether the keys on the remote controller function well,if not,restart the setting from the

Package Included :

1 x user's manual
1 x universal tv remote controller

Detail Pictures :

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